Perfect Match Stain Marker

Stain Marker shipping is Free on all USA orders of $100 or more and $3.00 on orders under $100

Perfect Match Stain Marker provides quick and easy touch-ups of nicks and scratches on wood cabinets, craft projects, doors, floors, furniture, hobby projects, moldings and all other wood surfaces.

Stain Marker is a wood marker that can be filled with oil, lacquer or water based stain. The simple design makes it easy to use. It is a perfect tool for amateurs or professional cabinet installers! It can be used for wood touch ups, highlighting, or any task where stain is applied to wood.  

Stain Markers are great for craft projects, such as creating a faux inlay. To keep your stain inside a small area, first score an outline in the wood using the tip of a hobby knife. It is ideal for detailing small hobby and craft projects.

The marker is also a great promotional item to give to customers after a job is completed. Our goal is to make the process of repairing stained wood simple, clean, and enjoyable.

Stain Marker uses include
5 Pack of Chisels 15 Pack of Chisels
$4.95 Each
$14.85 4-Pk
$1.49 5pc Set
$1.49 5-Chisels
$2.10 15-Chisels